About Ljungs Smide

Ljungs Smide AB, founded in 1925 with its origins in Helsingborg´s smithy traditions - is now a modern well-equipped engineering company. Ljungs Smide - the genuine family company with a flexible organisation with rapid decison routes.
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Operations are conducted in modern facilities located in Berga industrial area in Helsingborg. With a workshop area of 2,500 m², a lift height of 6.5 m and with a lifting capacity of 10 tons.

We work according to our management system based on the standards SS-EN-ISO
9001 and EN-ISO 14001.

Our values

  • Reliability (orderliness, responsibility and credibility)
  • True quality (to meet customers needs and requirements together with product development)
  • Teamwork (community and effectivity)

Quality and environment

To ensure behavior and goals regarding quality and environment. We strive to follow the environmental management requirements that are specified in ISO 14001. Active environmental work involves a lot of benefits such as reduced use of resources, less waste and lower costs for waste management, increased goodwill and better control of risks.


Customers should know that Ljungs Smide keeps a high and consistent quality of products and services. This is achieved by knowledgeable and environmentally aware employees, in close cooperation with customers and suppliers.


We must comply with laws and environmental regulations. All employees at Ljungs Smide shall participate in systematic environmental work to meet our objectives.

Overall goals

  • Save energy and other resources
  • Sort waste and minimize waste and emissions
  • Set environmental standards towards our suppliers
  • Replace and minimize environmentally hazardous technologies and products
  • Suggest to our customers better solutions regarding the environment
  • Be alert to and report potential threats to the environment
  • Estimate environmental risks of investments, alterations or operational changes


It started with a local smithy in 1925….

Genuine quality over generations

The origins of today's modern manufacturing company was a local blacksmith, established in 1925 and located in a courtyard house in the center of Helsingborg. Description of working conditions and operations as it looked around 1935:

"An average hourly wage for forging people who had been working in the profession for at least 6 years was 1,30 SEK. A new employee with no work experience, 14-15 years old, had a salary of about 30 cents/hour. Weekly working time was 48 hours. The work started 07.00 am and lasted until 17:00 with a break for 15 minutes for breakfast and 1 hour and 15 minutes for dinner. Saturdays from 07.00 to 12.00. Unpaid annual leave proceeded with four days each year ....

"There was good fellowship between workers and business owner. The workers lived in the southern part of Helsingborg and traveled to and from work by bicycle. Incoming orders were made after verbal instructions from the customer or simple sketches on scraps of paper. Sheet metal hood over the furnace was used for simple memos written in chalk. Working drawings were infrequent, except in the case of decorative works such as gates or other ornamental ironwork."