Rational produktion - without compromising on workmanship

Ljungs Smide has a modern machinery that is well suited for cost-effective and
rational production both in terms of customized products and serial production
units.The machinery can handle even larger dimensions and keeps a high technical

We have employees, who are skilled craftsmen with both solid and certified expertise.



Cutting machine plasma/gas - CNC
Work area 7500x2500 mm

Shears - CNC
16 mm plates 3000 mm cutting length

Sheet bending machines - CNC
Press force 260 ton length 4050 mm

Bending machine
5 mm plates 2500 mm bending length

Roll bending machine
8 mm plates 3000 mm bending length
3 mm plates 1000 mm bending length

Tube bending machine
Flat steel 75x15, angle bar 75x75x8

Horisontal bending machine - CNC

Punching-/nibbling machine - CNC

Hydraulic punching machine
press force 50 ton

Hydraulic work shop press
100 ton

Welding equipments

Cutting line - CNC

Cutting lines


Airplasma cutting machine
plates 20 mm

Lathe - CNC

Support lathes

Milling machine - CNC

Universal milling machine

Key way machine

Drilling machine

Radial drilling machine

Miscellaneous other machines

6 tons and 3 tons